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Welcome to my site, thanks for looking around!

The purpose of this site is to be a place for information on commission prices, points of contact and all that boring stuff, and also a place for me to write in so I can finally use social media less.

Who am I?

I'm Ray Karr, Ray for short, sometimes bunny, sometimes Lucario! If you wanna know how or why, you can access my new lore page.

I was born in Argentina in March 2002, and I didn't have internet access until 2010. This means I never really saw what the "old internet" was like until the end of its relevancy. However, I have always been in love with the aesthetic of old personal sites, and of the extreme amount of expression that that format provided.

I actually wanted to make a personal blog when I was, like, 9. It never really went anywhere, and I didn't know how to implement the ideas I had. If only my 9-year-old self could see me now!


my bunny fursona, with their back against the reader, but looking over their shoulder to see you
My Lucario fursona, sitting cross-legged and smiling, next to them are the trans and argentinian flag

What am I?

  • I'm a furry (if you couldn't tell).

  • I'm trans (any/all pronouns).

  • I'm an artist, and not that bad.

  • I'm a Spanish-English interpreter and translator (many people think they're the same, but they're not).

  • I'm running out of things to write to fill all this negative space.

  • oh shit i did it

How am I?

pretty good, actually

thanks for asking <3

my god, there's so much leftover space now...

uhhhhh look at this sick spinning skull gif

spinning skull, bad to the bones

hell yea

my lucario sona offers you some mate

How much am I?

You can see my commission prices here.

And here you can see a cute gif of my lucario:

a gif of my lucario sona licking the screen

Badges and links to other places!

To the Canvas Kingdom Visit The Nippoverse To the Loaf Zone to To Abigail's Fuck Hole Mk. II

That's it for the main page! As I'm very new to webmastering, feel free to contact me if you have any advice or suggestions :3

Oh, and I also don't know how to make the song continue playing through all the pages, and I don't have the patience for it, so if you wanna hear the song continuously, ig open every link on a new tab.